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Saturday, 9 October 2010

Introduction to English for Specifc Purposes Course

The following are the materials for the ESP course students of STAIN, Samarinda.

Purpose of The Study:
The students are expected to understand any models, designs, methods, and evaluation tools.

Topics and Reading Assignments:
1. Introduction to the course : What is ESP?
2. The origin: The Development of ESP; ESP : Approach not product.
3. Language and Description.
4. Theories of Learning
5. Needs analysis
6. Mid Term Exam
7. Approaches to course design
8. The Syllabus
9. Materials Evaluation
10. Materials Design
11. Methodology
12. Evaluation
13. The Role of ESP Teacher : Orientation
14. Final Exam for English Specific Purposes in order to design project out line.

Requirements :
1. The student must read any related literature to enrich certain abilities on ESP.
2. The students are suggested to take part in class discussion actively to take broad understanding on the given lecture.
3. The students must read any related journal to give broad understanding of the ESP.
4. Hand in/ submit your assignment on time.

Assessment :
The students will be graded from A through D map out as follows :
- Class Works and Participation : 15%
- Mid Term Exam : 30%
- Final Exam : 30%
- Project : 25%

Suggested Reading :
Hutchinson, T. & Waters, A. (1987) English for Specific Purposes: A learning-centred approach, Cambridge University Press.

Johns, A. Dudley-Evans, T. (1991) English for Specific Purposes: International in scope, specific in purpose. TESOL Quaterly, 25, 297-314.

Dudley-Evans, T., & St John, M. (1998) Developments in ESP: A multi-disciplinary approach. Cambridge University Press.

Krashen, S. (1992) Principles and Practice in second language acquisition, Oxford: Pergamon.
VanPatten, B. & Lee, J. (1990) Second language acquisition – Foreign language learning. Avon: Multilingual matters.

You may download the resources used in the module in this page. Please be aware that as you click to the links they will take you to another site (Ziddu) in order to download the materials.

All students should download and print the materials individually and bring them in the next class lessons (commenting 12 April 2010).

If you need to clarify things and have urgent discussion, please drop me an email ( and I will try to respond to it as soon as possible.